A full height backsplash extends from the edge of the counter to the barrier above versus a traditional backsplash, which is typically about four inches tall. Here are some ways to add a full-height backsplash to your next kitchen or bathroom design.

Countertop and Backsplash Matching

Use the same countertop stone for a seamless look.

Contrasting but Complimenting

Use a different color, pattern or style that compliments the countertops.


Image from Decorpad

Bring an element of drama to the backsplash by installing two slabs that create a mirror image.

Unique Material


Our new line of porcelain slabs are a great option for full height backsplashes or any type of cladding.

Focal Point

Select a beautiful slab for the stovetop only that will make an impact without blowing your budget.

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