We love to think about how our homes and the furniture in them have evolved over time and how much it tells us about our lives, what we value and how we spend our time.

The kitchen island is a great example of just that. What once was a large table in a dark, noisy “back-of-the-house” area away from guests where servants prepared lavish meals in the Victorian era is now the center of many homes where families and friends gather to connect, celebrate and create.

It has evolved from being a purely functional piece of furniture to being an expression of the home; a centerpiece that both adorns and adapts to our daily lives.

If we spend so much of our lives here shouldn’t we enjoy the scenery?

: Skyfall granite 3cm with 4″ mitered edge and waterfall sides
: 5-foot undermount galley sink in skyfall granite and two pop-up outlet covers
: @joshnew.photography