The ensuite project in this home utilized a black and white color scheme featuring one of our newest products – large format porcelain slabs along side a classic steel grey granite for the countertops and complementary porcelain tiles for the floor, shower side walls and shower floor. We love how this client went bold by cladding nearly every exposed wall with porcelain slabs, which also doubles as a full-height backsplash for the bathroom sinks.

Why use porcelain slabs?

Affordable – porcelain slabs cost $14-20 per square foot, which may cost less than comparable materials.
Renovation Ready – Large format porcelain can be installed right over current flooring or counters, making it a great option for home renovations.
Scratch and wear resistant – Durability is important for both residential and commercial applications, so the strength of porcelain is a great benefit.
Stain Resistant – Because porcelain is denser and less porous than other materials, it is ideal for any residential application.
Heat Resistant – Porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures, making it able to withstand any temperature in your home, and ideal for countertops.
Low Maintenance – Porcelain is easy to clean and difficult to damage. No special care is needed to maintain the beauty of porcelain slabs.
Easy Installation – Only an adhesive is needed for install followed by a cement or epoxy grout for seams. However, installation should be done by professionals.
Cleaner Application – Porcelain slabs require fewer joints and seams making it ideal for a virtually seamless, luxurious look.
Fits any style – there’s no shortage of styles including solid colors, floral designs, geometric patterns, stone-look, wood-look, concrete-look and more. To see our entire collection of porcelain slabs, click here.
For more pictures of this bathroom project, click here.